waiting for new dolls is the hardest part of my life

I just want the two dolls I’m waiting on to be home now



I am really happy that the men in this hobby aren’t like bronies.

Image by BJDConfessions

Planning a new doll character. I am so excited, I can’t wait for him to arrive! But it will probably be around two-three months before he’s even finished. ;_;







Pipos Doll Animation (by DollPaCa)

That was sadder than the opening bit in Pixar’s UP. 

O_O why would they make that? ;_; i really need to stop watching things outta curiosity

What the hell, Pipos?!

lol Technically Pipos didn’t make the movie, it was just based on their doll’s design…

…but seriously that was horrifically depressing. ;__; I need to buy all my Pipos dolls a family and pretend I never watched this. 

That was beautifully done, but I really wasn’t expecting to cry into my morning coffee like that. .__.

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period by KRUNK Interactive